Choose The Perfect Bed Pillow for All Type of Sleepers

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Some factors determine the quality of sleep that you will have on your bed. One among those factors is the pillow that you are using. If you chose and used a wrong pillow, you are likely to experience neck tension, constant tension, and stiff necks on a regular basis. To avoid this, you will need to take your time while purchasing your sleeping pillow. You will need to take into consideration factors like your sleeping habits plus other personal needs when you are in bed to purchase a pillow which will ensure you maximum rest throughout the night such that when you wake up the following morning, you are ready and fresh to tackle the day ahead.

To achieve that, below we highlight a step by step guideline on how to choose the perfect bed pillow for yourself. Here is what you should do:

Sleeping Position

The first thing that you should think about is your favorite sleeping position. We have different sleepers; there are those who sleep on their back, while others prefer to sleep on their stomachs. Thus it is important that you know your favorite sleeping position so that you can pick a bed pillow that best suits that sleeping position.

Settle on Your Best Sleeping Position

woman sleeping on sideYou will need some time to establish your favorite sleeping position.But before buying one, you first need to try all of them because you will need to make a decision. For those people who sleep on their stomach, go for a pillow that is soft and fairly flat. For a back sleeper, it is advisable that you purchase a pillow that is medium thick, while if you are a side sleeper, you will have to go for one that is thick and firm so it can properly support your neck. But if you’re all side sleeper, then you need one of these best pillows for combine sleepers for a better sleep at night.

Pillow Filling

Another factor that you will need to take into consideration is the pillow fillings. While you are out there looking for a pillow, it is important to know that there are a variety of fillings and they offer different levels of comfort. When you are deciding on the pillow fillings, it is important to take into consideration any medical issues that you may be having. When you have medical conditions like allergic reactions, asthma or any chronic neck pains, you will have to go for a pillow that has fillings that best suit those conditions.

Down Dersus Feather Pillow

When making a pillow purchase, it is advisable that you go for such pillows. They are usually made of ducks or geese inner plumage, and you can fill them with fillers that suit you best.


Another factor that you will need to consider when making a pillow purchase is the size of that particular pillow. In making this decision, you will need to consider three factors: one you will need to take into account the size of your bed, then consider the number of pillows that you will be using, and how you will be using them. But ensure that the size you settle for best suits your needs.